Monday, June 19, 2006

how celebrities eat

If nothing else, this site reminds you that in one very important way, celebrities are just like you. Once you've checked it out, come back here.

You back? Okay. Well...

Did you find it even slightly fascinating? If so, why? It's just a bunch of pictures of famous people eating. Something that they do every day - and so do you. Would it have been less fascinating if the pictures were of non-famous people eating? If you think that it was fascinating, what does that say about you?

For the record, I'd rather look at pictures of my daughters' stuffing their faces with hot dogs than of Uma Thurman doing the same thing.


  1. Well...I had to look, you peeked my interest.

  2. Well, I looked. Eating, for the most part, seems to be an unflattering thing to take a picture of. Except Elijah Wood looked pretty cool eating corn. Oh yeah, you could have warned me about the Keanu Reeves picture. That was wrong, man.

  3. I agree with sojourner. Yuk on the Keanu Reeves photo.

  4. hmmm...good to see that Ashley Olsen is actually eating...wonder what happens next...

    hey, I'm getting kinda hungry...

  5. Some people have too much time on their hands. I think I am going to make a blog of the UNfamous looking directly into cameras! OOOHHH this is going to be great!