Tuesday, June 20, 2006

pursuing gratification

If you took the time to peruse through the little blog here, you would discover that many posts touch on (in some fashion or another) pop culture. You will probably be able to tell that I derive no small form of amusement - and sorrow - from what our culture values. What a specific culture values will naturally change from time to time, and it seems at this stage that we, collectively as Americans, value what Francis Schaeffer identified as "impoverished" values: personal peace and affluence. Personal peace concerns our regard for our own lives, and our desire to be left alone so that we can live our own lives in the manner we see fit.

A large part of affluence is having what we want, when we want it. We want to make sure that we are doing well (at the very least) in our lives, and that we have enough money (and all that goes along with it) to sustain our level of wellness. It doesn't matter that we didn't work for it and we didn't earn it - we "deserve" it just the same, and so you must give it to us... now. We become like Gollum, clamoring after our own precious and screaming, "We wants it! We must haves it now!"

I had never heard of columnist Suzanne Fields before today. I've no idea whether she has ever made a statement or profession of faith. What I do know is that she discusses the very thing I'm talking about here - check it out.

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