Wednesday, June 14, 2006

I'm adorable

It's true. I AM adorable. NZ Bear has done his computations, and the TTLB ecosystem says so. Sure, I'm small and gerbil-like, but I am adorable.

Now, what I don't get is how TTLB can say that I have 142 links, and Technorati (go to the >Blogs that link here section on the right) says that I have "247 links from 219 sites." Apparently, some sites are linking to me several times, and I have a ranking of 8,235 on Technorati. As you can tell, there is a discrepancy between the number of links in TTLB and the number of links in Technorati. 142 clearly doesn't = 247. 142 doesn't = 219, either.

I used to be marauding. Once upon a time, I was even large. But, I should be thankful that I used to be flappy, and slithering, and crawly, and flippery, but I am not anymore. I don't believe I was ever slimy or lowly.


  1. I can't get my NZ stats to come up - I appear on one of his lists but not the other. Someday I must get around to investing some time to fnd out why...

  2. Wow. You are Adorable Rodent. I am stuck at Slimy Mollusk. This is a tragedy if ever there was one. More people should be reading me instead of waiting for it all to be published posthumously.