Monday, August 7, 2006

Martha's long ordeal: over

Well, that settles it. "Martha Stewart reached an agreement today with securities regulators to settle civil insider-trading charges, concluding a five-year legal drama that put a dent in her ubiquitous brand." So writes Landon Thomas, Jr., for the New York Times.

Martha will pay $195,000 in fines, which is mere chump change for her (her current net worth appears to be around $970 million). However, she can't serve as CEO or director of any company, including her own MSLO, until Summer 2011. She will be 70 years old before she can control anything again - at least on paper, anyway.

How has Martha fared since she walked out of Camp Cupcake over a year ago? Not too bad at all.
The agreement comes at a time of rising fortunes for Ms. Stewart and her company. Last month, Martha Stewart Living reported improved profits on the back of improved advertising in its publishing and Internet businesses, prompting a sharp recovery in the company’s share price.

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