Tuesday, August 8, 2006


I have finally started reading Donald Miller's Blue Like Jazz. It's funny how this book has struck such a chord with people. I have several relatives (on mine and my wife's side) who said that they loved the book, and yet I have also read some scathing reviews of the book. I still think it's strange that when I posted that I purchased the book and planned to read it, I received more comments than from any previous post (I've broken that record since....).

So how's it going? I've read a few chapters. I like it, but I certainly can't say that it's a hands-down-amazing book. He begins the book with stories about growing up without a father and spending time at Reed College. We'll have to see how it goes, and I'll certainly give my review of it when I've finished. It is rather strange that this is a book on Christian spirituality, and yet not one Bible verse has been quoted so far.

Here's a few reviews from other folks:

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