Monday, September 18, 2006

"Don't worry, all of our items that usually have spinach don't have any."

You're not eating this leafy green vegetable, are you? You should certainly avoid it - at least for now - for fear of this terror.

After working on the house today (moving day is in two weeks!), we ate lunch with the in-laws at Olive Garden. Our waiter gave the quote that's in the title up there. We also heard several other wait staff say something quite similar to their tables.

Just to be safe, I ordered a dish that wasn't supposed to have spinach in it anyway.

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  1. Dru and I went to Olive Garden for her birthday. It was scrumptious. We wanted to order the spinache dip but couldn't for obvious reasons. I was saddenned by that, but then proceded to eat two bowls of salad on my own. mmmmmmm.....salad and breadsticks