Monday, September 18, 2006

quintessential 80's bands

If someone where to ask you, "Name some bands that were popular in the 80's," which ones would immediately come to mind?

Two that come immediately to my mind are The Cars and INXS.

I've always admired The Cars and their leader with the freak-icon look, Ric Ocaseck. Drive is one of my favorite songs.

I realize that INXS had a reality show last year in which it obtained a new lead singer to replace the deceased Michael Hutchence. However, I still think of INXS as an 80's era band because that's the time period when their biggest hits - Devil Inside, Need You Tonight, New Sensation - came from their biggest album, Kick.

I mention this because the other night, I bought "best of" CD's by both groups. My stereo is sweatin' with anticipation.

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