Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Is "destiny" an ugly word?

Pastor Brad Williams says No.

His concluding paragraph is addressed to believers in Christ:
The story of the righteous did not end in Genesis; it continues to this day. God is crafting us into something of beauty, if only we will believe and follow. The story of God's faithfulness in your life is, I am certain, filled with drama, romance, and failure, all upheld by a powerful and loving God. We can be certain that there is always such a happy ending for the faithful, and that even though your life may seem dull and uneventful to you, for the heavenly perspective it is filled with grace and glory. I look forward to meeting you at the end of this journey and hearing the path through which the Savior brought you. There is a seat at the Master's banquet for you, beloved. It is our destiny to be there, to know each other, and to adore the King of Kings.


  1. Yeah, that is a great thought. I would even say it is biblical.

  2. Link love from the Brownie!:) And the Moorehead says its Biblical! I'm so happy.:)