Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Review: a Starbucks breakfast

Since I've talked about the growing competition that Starbucks is creating in the breakfast food market, I decided to put my mouth where my money is - so to speak. (That doesn't sound quite right, does it?)

Yesterday morning when I left work, I decided to try a Starbucks breakfast by ordering two of their newest offerings: the cinnamon dolce latte, and an eggs florentine sandwich.

The sandwiches, sent frozen from centralized locations to the stores where they can be heated in ovens made specificaly for the sandwiches and nohing else, come in several varieties. I decided upon the sandwich that seemed to be the healthiest. After all, I can get an Egg McMuffin from Mickey D's with sausage and bacon already, so why not pick a sandwich that has something the fast food joints usually don't: leafy-green veggies.

The eggs florentine is made of one egg, havarti cheese, and baby spinach - all three ingredients are tucked between two halves of an english muffin. It sells for $2.95, like all the breakfast sandwiches. The muffin was as crispy as I wanted it to be. While the egg was fairly flavorless by itself (and what can one expect? The sandwiches are not made to order), the harvati cheese was a great complement. The only disatisfaction was that there were only two spinach leaves in the sandwich. Why be so skimpy? It's $2.95, for crying out loud - gimme spinach! The latte was perfect. Not too sweet, just the right amount of cinnamon...

Were you aware? There's a site that focuses on news and info about Starbucks, describing itself as a site "monitoring America's favorite drug dealer."

Ed Levine has nothing nice to say about the sandwiches.

(Photo by Ted S. Warren/AP file)


  1. I love the Cinnamon Dolce! But I've only ordered it as a mocha instead of a latte and it is tre' delish!

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