Monday, June 11, 2007

it breaks the heart

This is what happens when you are a person who (1) combs the Internet in search of things with which to disagree, (2) believes you've found something the world (or at least, the people who visit your site) must know about, (3) refuses to act like a journalist by directly contacting the involved people, (4) breezily makes thousands of assumptions, and (5) forgets what happens when people assume.


  1. Um, you mean like you just did here Matt? I don't recall you contacting me Matt to find out how I'd actually come across this issue.

    FYI, a couple of students at Cedarville sent me the items involved in that story. I scoured nothing and they were there in person and shot the video in question.

    I wonder though, would the category "alma mater" have played any part in your feeling that you have discovered something through your own sterling journalism skills here?

    Matt, maybe it'd be best for you not to forget what happens when you assume.

  2. Pastor Ken: First off, let me say that I am grateful for your comments. They are most welcome, and I will certainly not make them disappear like my comments have done at a site at which you used to regularly post. I'm honored (and I'm not being sarcastic here) that you took the time to pay some attention to my little blog.

    Second, I suppose some congratulations are in order. It is certainly impressive that two college students would contact you about something. This undoubtedly proves that people know of your existence in the blogosphere, and that is some accomplishment.

    Third, I have never pretended to be a journalist. You undoubtedly have pretended to be one, and continue to do so. Sarcasm doesn't become "real" journalists, and it doesn't become you either. You belittle yourself when you stoop to such things as calling Cedarville "CU [rhymes with PU]."

    Fourth, I'm sure you won't give a reply to this. However, I felt the need to respond to you.

  3. Matt,

    The Lord be praised. No honor necessary as I'm just an unworthy servant only doing what I am supposed to do in Christ.

    Now what did I say about assuptions... :-) You said: "I have never pretended to be a journalist. You undoubtedly have pretended to be one, and continue to do so." No, I don't claim to be a journalist and therefore cannot pretend to be one. I am in fact only a pastor-teacher.

    And, the you opined: "I'm sure you won't give a reply to this." Oops, wrong again my friend. Matt, we see these issues dfferently but I'm cool with agreeing to disagree agreeably.