Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Ten tidbits

1. In honor of the upcoming Father's Day, the NY Times has a great article on sperm (yes, really!):
Human sperm are extremely compact, and they’ve been stripped of a normal cell’s protein-making machinery; but when cast into the forbidding environment of the female reproductive tract, they will learn on the job and change their search strategies and swim strokes as needed.

2. Adrian Warnock switched to an Apple Macbook.

3. Just like me, Pastor Mark Daniels just doesn't care for Tony Soprano and his families.

4. Joe Carter, inspiration for this ten tidbits post, is promoting the ONE Vote '08 campaign, an off-shoot of the ONE campaign. Among other things, he believes they have an actual plan and the right priorities are in place.

5. Pastor John Hay plans to ride his bike to work twice a week this summer. I'm glad he can do it, but it's a little more difficult for me. I work the midnight shift, and I occasionally need my car to drive to other hospitals.

6. 50 tips for grocery shopping.

7. If there are Christian churches, why does America have orphans?

8. Michael Spencer sees a dire situation in the Southern Baptist Convention, which is meeting this week:
It is safe to say that at no time in Southern Baptist history has there been less confidence in leadership, and the infighting among leadership shows no sign of abatement. In the era following the so-called conservative resurgence, conservatives are now sub-dividing over theology, style, labels, speaking in tongues, discount landmarkism and, of course, Calvinism.

9. Like Oprah, Cindy Swanson is promoting a book club.

10. Hitchens vs. Hitchens.


  1. Thanks for the link, Matt! Your blog is getting better all the time (not just because you mention me occasionally *smile*)--it's just really interesting and informative. Keep up the good work! :)