Wednesday, May 7, 2008

primary delusions

The junior senator from New York said, "Full speed on to the White House." If she is referring to herself, she is clearly delusional. I've seen people admitted to the hospital for making these kind of statements. She lost North Carolina in a major way. She narrowly won Indiana with 2 percentage points, which she's calling a "tie" after their splitting of Pennsylvania and North Carolina. (Someone needs to tell her that it's no "tie.") And yet, she's acting like she's had some huge victory. Remember "It's the economy, stupid" slogan from Bill Clinton's 1992 campaign? The slogan for this year is "It's the delegate count, stupid."

Combined votes from Indiana and North Carolina:
  • Hillary Clinton: 1,296,194
  • Barack Obama: 1,506,557

Tim Russert said, "We now know who the nominee is." And he wasn't referring to Clinton. The nominee will not be without problems when he faces McCain in the fall - he will have lingering questions about his "experience" and "friends" like Jeremiah Wright that will demand answers.

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