Thursday, June 26, 2008

Naked Cowboy sues Mars

The Naked Cowboy of NYC, whom I blogged about two years ago, is in the news because of a lawsuit against the makers of M&M candies.
The Naked Cowboy stands around Times Square all day playing the guitar in his underwear — but that doesn’t give the maker of M&M’s the right to make fun of him to sell candy, he says. That, says Robert Burck, the man in the tighty-whities — and not much else — is the naked truth behind the $4-million lawsuit he’s filed against Mars, the maker of M&M’s, along with the advertising agency that (un)dressed up a morsel of candy in Naked Cowboy gear for a commercial. On Monday, a New York judge, after reviewing the bare legal facts, ruled that Burck can go ahead with the lawsuit.

Good luck, Cowboy. Pick something appropriate to wear when you go to court. Something that would match your, ahem, legal briefs.


  1. I had my picture taken with him, but didn't contribute to his $5,000 an hour fees. Hope he wins his case.

  2. found your blog on page 660 of the Blogged, Blog directory, liked the title of this post, so read it---and decided I liked your overall attitude, so have listed ya on my blog page, ---ya all have a nice day now ya heah? (nice brownie pic)


  3. Um, thanks, gjg. Hope you weren't looking for something else...