Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Brownie Bites for July 30, 2008

Did you hear about the evangelist who killed his wife, dumped her in the freezer, and later preached a sermon at a church service? Anthony Hopkins was leading a revival service at a church in Jackson, Alabama, but was stopped by police after his eldest daughter talked to them. Somehow, I doubt that he was preaching on the sixth commandment.


The Hill has published their fifth annual list of the 50 Most Beautiful People on Capitol Hill. Because outward beauty is what's most truly important in Washington.


At some point in our lives, my wife, one of my sisters, and I worked at Grandview Hospital in Dayton, OH. I realize that many hospitals want to be "cutting-edge" in some respect, but I didn't know that Grandview is taking it to a whole new level. The hospital is utilizing something called "'Wiihabilitation,' the latest trend in rehabilitation therapy that uses the interactive mobility of the Nintendo Wii video game system to help patients improve strength, flexibility, balance and endurance."

We've come so far from the days of that old tennis game on the Atari 2600.


The Cute One is obsessed with this dude. I'm wondering if I should chalk it up as a harmless crush, or be worried.


I'm a straight man who enjoys watching Project Runway, so I have to announce this: the show's breakout star, Tim Gunn, wasn't paid a dime for his work on the first season. He only received $2500 an episode for the second season (which remains my favorite). This is surprising, given how necessary he is to the show's ability to work. He probably didn't agree to a paycheck because (1) he's a genuinely nice guy and (2) he had no idea the show would prove to be such a hit.

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  1. Weird piece on the preacher
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