Tuesday, August 8, 2006

gays vs. gay marriage

At her place of employment, The Wife supervises a man who is gay. We know he is gay because he is quite open about his sexuality, and because he has lived with the same man (whom we all know is his boyfriend) for many years now. We also know he is gay because he takes annual trips to DisneyWorld and to Key West (touted as one of the gay-est places on earth, although I must confess I saw hardly any when The Wife and I were there two years ago). However, we wouldn't know he was gay if we knew him solely by his political views - he's truly one of the more conservative Republicans around. He voted for George W. Bush twice, and he has ranted against Bill Clinton and John Kerry. And, he's against gay marriage.

What??? There are some gay men who don't want to see gays marrying each other? Apparently there are - and I know one.

Mollie over at Get Religion has some great links - she's got a friend who thinks the same way my wife's supervisee does - on this very topic.

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