Saturday, March 29, 2008

Oh, be careful little feet, where you go

Because of four reasons, I want to mention this story about a pastor who went to strip club over 400 miles from his home:

  1. The pastor reportedly told his wife that he was going to Best Buy, and then proceeded to be gone for four days. What story did he think he would be able to tell his wife when he eventually returned home?
  2. The strip club is located in my hometown of Dayton, just down the street from where I attended grad school. And, no, I've never been there.
  3. The pastor was taken to Grandview Hospital for a psychiatric evaluation. My wife, my sister, and I all used to work there.
  4. Whatever problems this pastor has, they didn't begin when he told his wife he was going to have their computer checked and he left the house. There are deeper issues at work. According to this article, the pastor's wife loves him and wants to "work on whatever it is [that's wrong]." That says a lot about her and how she views their marriage, so hopefully they can find reconciliation.

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